PhD Supervision

I am looking for students who will work in the area of computational humanities and computational literary studies. For this applicants should have a strong grounding in any area in the humanities and either have a familiarity with computer programming or have the willingness to invest time and effort to learn basic computer programming through courses like Working with Humanities Data.

For familiarizing yourself with Digital Humanities methods and concerns you can follow some of my lectures available online and reading material available on the website of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO).

Possible project: The theatrical stage in post-Independence Calcutta: A Big Data Approach

If this interests you read the Admissions FAQs on the HSS, IITD website or write to me.

phd students


Mriganka Sekhar Sarma: Sub-national Imagination in Assam and Modern Assamese Theatre

Devjani Ray : A study of Children’s Periodicals in Bengali: 1885-1920

Sandip Debnath: Badal Sircar and Beyond: Third Theatre Network in Twenty-first Century Bengal, 1971 – Present

Sumallya Mukhopadhyay: From Rupture to Resilience: Memory and Identity in Oral Narratives of Refugees arriving from East Pakistan to West Bengal. (1947-1970).

Jyotirmay Das: Traditional Performances of Goalpara region in Assam


Neha Singh: Violence in the Digital Age: A Study of the Representation of Violence in India on Social Media Platforms

Tiyana Jovanovic: Communication and Social Movements: Continuities and Discontinuities (Jointly with Pradip Thomas, University of Queensland)

Pritam Majumdar: The Oral Performance Tradition of Manasa Palagaan

Reeturaj Kashyap: An alternative Imagination of Assamese Identity

Tasnim Nazifa: A Study of Stand-Up Comedy as Urban Folk: The Artist, the Audience and the Spatio-temporal configuration

Nimish Nanda: Emergence of Alternative Performance Spaces in contrast to Conventional Theatre Spaces in Delhi (Jointly with Angelie Multani, HSS, IIT Delhi)

Shubhabrata Patra: Revisiting Traditional Theatre: An Inquiry into the Swang Jatra of (South) Bengal

Spandita Das: Digital (Re)Invention of Bengali music

Saniya Irfan: Poetic tradition of Marsiya

Alishah Ali: Virtual Archive of Urban Heritage of Old Delhi through Community Engagement

minor projects

Available Minor Project Ideas

Mapping Indian cultural personalities through online databases

Completed Minor Projects (Selected)

‘Campus Theatre’ by Akansh Jain, Anshika Gupta, Antara Choudhary, Misha Khurana, Vishakha Shankar [Semester Two 2013-14]

‘Impact of Patents on Research and Innovation in Physics’ by Gourav Khullar [Semester Two 2012-13]

‘A Look into the World of Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ by Somit Pangtey and Shashank Sinha [Semester Two 2012-13]

‘Viral Marketing’ by Anurag Tiwari and Shaurya Pratap [Semester Two 2011-12]